Welcome to the Earth Science and Technology Directorate (ESTD) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)!

We are committed to collaboration and partnerships to ensure that our remote sensing observations and advances in Earth system science have a tangible impact on the world. If you're interested in partnering with us, please contact us at JPL-Earth-Sciences@jpl.nasa.gov.

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Here are some ways we can work together:

1. Joint Research: Our scientific expertise, technology, and systems engineering capabilities can be leveraged in collaboration with other research institutions, universities, government agencies, and private sector entities to conduct joint research on topics related to Earth system science. By working together, we can develop new ways of modeling our complex planet and provide the means to support predictions of future outcomes.

2. Technology Development: We develop new technologies to enhance our remote sensing capabilities. We invite companies and organizations to contribute to the development of new and more accurate ways to characterize and monitor our environment and planet as a whole.

3. Data Sharing: Our remote sensing data can provide valuable insights into many environmental and societal issues. We support NASA Open Science policy. We welcome partnerships with organizations that can utilize our data to inform decision-making, shape policies, and manage resources. Together, we can ensure access to reliable and accurate information about our intricate planet, benefiting society at large.

4. Education and Outreach: We are committed to promoting public understanding of Earth system science and the value of remote sensing observations. We welcome partnerships with educational institutions, museums, and other organizations to develop and deliver educational and outreach programs. Through these collaborations, we aim to support the dissemination of reliable and accurate information about our intricate planet, benefiting society's knowledge and appreciation.